The NCSS operates safe housing facilities and shelters, as the short-term accommodation in protected structures is one of the most important NCSS services, through which the safety and the catering of the basic needs of individuals and families facing an urgent psychosocial crisis or homelessness is ensured.

The NCSS Attica Shelters accommodate individuals and families facing severe housing needs, assisting the basic right of shelter and preventing their social isolation. The same facilities accommodate patients and patients’ escorts coming from areas outside Attica for therapy or other medical issues in the capital’s hospitals.

The NCSS Shelters in Attica and Thessaloniki offer immediate and/or short-term protected accommodation to women or mothers with children - victims of violence - mainly domestic or trafficking) or any other vulnerable condition.

During the accommodation period, the specialized staff offers social and psychological support and/or connection and cooperation with competent Services and Organisations, depending on the individuals’ needs.  

Depending on the number of people accommodated, each facility offers programmes and activities such as daily recreational activities for pre-school children, tutoring for school children, the empowerment of mothers to their parental role.