The Ag.I.Rentis Shelter can accommodate patients or escorts of patients coming from rural areas who can not afford their stay for the duration of their hospitalization. The process for the accommodation application can be submitted by the applicants themselves or the Social Service of the Hospital in which the therapy or hospitalization is taking place and are submitted to the Department of Reception (135,Vas.Sofias&Zaharof str., Ampelokipi, tel. 213 2039773, -778) or to the Social Support Centre of Piraeus (19,IroonPolitechniou str., tel.: 213 2021910,-912).

            The needed documents for patients and their escorts are:

  • An application (given by the NCSS)
  • Α self-declaration on the application’s contents
  • A valid copy of personal documents certifying the identity of the applicant
  • Chest X-ray and a medical report
  • Tax return form or Income Declaration
  • A form by the Hospital’s Social Service (in case the application is submitted by the Social Service)


  • For the escorts: A form certifying the hospitalization of their relative, stating the patient’s rehabilitation period
  • For the patients: Medical Certificate by a doctor, stating that the patient, during his/her rehab period can take care of himself/herself. Also, the certificate should state that the patient does not need special or intensive care and their stay in the shelter does not place his/her or the other people’s health in jeopardy.
  • In case the accommodation will last more than 20 days, the necessary medical exams and the other documents, which certify that he/she can stay safely, for himself/herself and the other cohabitants, in a group setting, will be carried out during his/her stay