Regarding the project of Representation- Guardianship of Unaccompanied Minors according to Law 4554/2018, the NCSS, in December 2020, signed a memorandum of cooperation  with the Non-Profit Organization “METAdrasi” for implementing the project «UNACCOMPANIED MINORS REPRESENTATION SERVICES», for a duration of 8 months, which is funded by the «National Program of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) 2014-2020».

The aim of the project is to ensure the individual and social rights of unaccompanied/separated minors through the provision of representation/guardianship services.

The process of assigning a representative/guardian is based on the prioritization of the unaccompanied/separated minors with vulnerability or emergency criteria, aiming at defending and ensuring the minors’ best interest, as stated by the memorandum of cooperation between the NCSS and METAdrasi, as well as the legislation.

The NCSS and the Unaccompanied Minors Protection Division, monitor and supervise  the proper implementation of the project through:

  • Timely or urgent reports,
  • Tools of supervision, monitoring, support and assessment of the representation/guardianship services, as well as continuous information for the services of representation/guardianship provided to each minor, so that these are assessed, but also for the upkeep of the Guardianship Registry and the Informatics System HELIDON,
  • Mediation for solving issues arising from the representatives/guardians’ duties during the cooperation with other actors.

The Protection of Unaccompanied Minors Division is cooperating with state actors, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, Civil Society Organizations, as well as International Organizations on a National and European level and actively takes part in tele-conferences aiming at exchanging scientific knowledge and information for the benefit of the unaccompanied minors.