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The platform implements law 4538/2018 "on adoption and adoption". Created to facilitate people who want to provide a family to children in need:

• With respect to the individual needs of each child, but also to the capabilities and desires of each family.
• Ensuring the protection of children and families' personal data, speed and equity.
• With the synergy and supervision of the competent state bodies.
The digital application of the new law closes an open wound that has plagued society for decades while hundreds of children wait inside institutions. Even well-functioning institutions do not replace a home, a human embrace.
To connect with the Adoption-Adoption Information System, click here

The National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA) has the institutional responsibility for keeping the data related to Adoption and Adoption in the information system The Data and Numerical Data of the Information System (PS), ie the data concerning the registrations of the children and the applications of the prospective parents, as well as the progress of the connections will be published on the website with quarter frequency. To see the figures click here

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